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All that Social Media Buzz

There’s lots of buzz around social media, but is it right for your business?  Because it appeared quickly, social media has developed a reputation by some as being a marketing fad and choose not to take it seriously as a profitable avenue for their business. 

social-media.jpgThe statistics, however, offer a different perspective.  Recently, Hubspot reported 80% of business owners indicated their social media efforts have increased traffic to their websites. This demonstrates a huge potential for increased sales.

Every chance you get to increase your brand visibility online is valuable.  This is important because your business becomes more accessible to new customers.  It also improves brand loyalty because you took the time to connect with your fans.  After you’ve built a following, you increase the opportunity to convert those fans into customers.

Today, it’s more important than ever before to engage customers wherever they are.  Social media communication has been proven to grow your business and generate leads.  It is the most cost effective form of advertising and can extend your business’ marketing reach considerably.  Social media is no longer optional for the online success of a business.  Click here to learn more about these must-have cyber tools.

Written June 2015

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