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Online Marketing
We are problem solvers.  We understand that at the core of every successful brand is a carefully laid out marketing plan.  We will help you chart your path both online and offline.

Assess your social media presence and create new engagement platforms.

E-mail Marketing allows your business to send e-mail campaigns to your customers.  Easily import your existing contacts into IVO’s Content Management System (CMS) and begin sending newsletters and individual e-mails to your contact list.  email marketing.jpg

Our team can create a custom design that compliments your website’s branding perfectly.  Opens and clicks are measured each time an e-mail is sent.  The best feature of IVO’s system is you are in full control of when you want to send an e-mail campaign with unlimited revisions, and unlimited campaigns.  It’s all included in a one-time fixed purchaser’s fee.  More importantly, we can manage as much or as little of the process as you like just to fit your business need.  Ask us about how we can implement this easy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool into your website.

The imagery on your website will be one of the main factors in how a website user will judge or connect to your company’s brand.  We create original photos of your products, team, corporate events, menu displays, with on-site business location service.

Why research photo stock images and buy licenses for them when you can create your own custom pictures?  We work with a professional studio that can also provide you with models and setups to capture your brand and the look you wish to present.

photography.jpgPhotography services provided:
  • Website Branding
  • Product Shots
  • Head Shots
  • Corporate Events


Paid advertising is a great way to guide more traffic to your site and increase business, but it can quickly become expensive if you aren’t careful.  When a business audits what their customers are purchasing most from them (ex: e-commerce websites); or what pages, links their customers clicked on while in their website, they are able to track keywords and target them for a most effective online advertising.    

IVO can assist with some of the major types of online advertising such as:
online ads.jpg
  • Display Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Bing or Yahoo
  • Facebook or LinkedIn


A social media marketing plan is the summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve for your business using social networks. 

social media.jpg

Our team uses the following plan to help you create a social media marketing plan.
  • Step 1:  Define goals and objectives  

  • Step 2:  Conduct social media audit 

  • Step 3:  Create or improve social media accounts

  • Step 4:  Create and share content

  • Step 5:  Test, evaluate and adjust social media marketing plan


The internet is the first tool consumers research when inquiring about a business. Online branding is critical to companies who want to represent themselves accurately.  At IVO, we research your audience, give your brand a voice, build your brand through multiple channels, plan your social media integration, and build up your reputation both online and offline. 

Our team approaches web design from all angles, creating comprehensive websites that facilitate branding online. From logos, to incorporating your brand’s look across all internet platforms, IVO can help you build a marketing strategy that will resonate with your customers and keep them coming back.


Expanding your online visibility is our ultimate goal as we work with you to:

Refresh your brand image with credible online reputation management and custom images

Increase traffic to your website with internet advertising and SEO

Increase response rate from your targeted email listings and blogs


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