The internet was always intended to be a place where anyone in the world can create and share something online. Somewhere along the way, we lost that.  It became a read-only experience for the average user, who is left to passively browse and navigate the web. At any time a user decided to manage his/her content, he/she had to go through vast training to learn how to make changes. 

IVO, Inc. changes all that.


Experience Drag & Drop Publishing on the Web

IVO software builds upon familiar, intuitive behaviors and applies them to the web publishing experience.

It's as simple as opening a new page and dragging from a variety of pre-designed templates to add images and content.

Save by clicking a button and watch your custom creation go live.

Make Changes in a Matter of Seconds

IVO offers the fastest way to edit your website content.

The easy-to-use edit-in-place tool allows you to edit, modify, organize or delete content from the website in a simple manner.

IVO's Platform can be set up to allow authority for different users to access individual pages for content management, thereby spreading the workload and keeping the website current.

Effectively Manage Customer Relationships

IVO's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows you to collect, store and manage contact information like

  • Clients

  • Employees

  • Alumni, parents, etc... 

You will be able to create and pull specific groups for personalized email campaigns, billing, mailing lists, and store email archives.

Hosting Plans

Although you are free to choose any web hosting provider to host your website on, we will recommend reliable ones that offer competitive prices. The hosting providers we work with offer a state of the art web hosting facility and powerfully fast web hosting connectivity and security. You will have the ability to access your site from anywhere, anytime to make changes. If you need help registering a new domain name, click on Start a Project and submit.  A support member will be in touch with you soon.



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