"IVO created a marketing strategy to re-brand my business and then a custom website for my company delivering tangible results. They included me throughout the process and helped me launch a professional, modern website that is as great as my product and making a real impact with my clients.  I am over pleased with the excellent job they did."  

by Gabmaster Photography


"This is a quick effective team that really cares for their clients' success.  IVO redesigned our website in less than three weeks and was a pleasure to work with.  Our church had an immediate increase with online subscribers by 10%.  The impact in business is sales and at church we call it evangelization.  Thank you for helping us bring our message to others."

by Our Lady of Lebanon Church


"My experience with IVO was stellar from the get go.  I was treated with respect and was never left wondering with questions.  IVO created a customized website for me that generated revenue instantly with a checkout cart and automated workflow that works for my customers. The flexibility and creativity of the team was crucial to my success and I will definitely be using them again."

by My Mother's Table

"Farid is an expert on web site design and project management. He did an excellent job developing the website for the Phoenecian Club of Chicago, presenting it to the board and implementing it.  It has truly been a pleasure to work with you and your team.  Your team made the entire website development process seamless and pain free." 

by Michael AbouEzzi, Sr. Director, Pepsi Co.


The team at IVO have been a joy to work with.  They listen, analyze, and do everything possible to help us out.  They built and have been managing our website for the past few years now and it's been a real success for the both of us.  I'm very pleased with their professionalism and impressed to know that there are still businesses who put people first before money.  Thank you IVO for a superb job on our new mobile website and online marketing.

by Casey's Restaurant

Farid has been a wonderful resource for our company on multiple occasions. We have levereged his skill sets ranging from Business Analyst to Developer, and he has complete lifecycle knowledge making him a welcome addition to each project we've had his help with

by Matt Johnson, Vice President, Client Services at AllTranstek

I have had the pleasure to work with Farid on several projects and found him to possess excellent communications, analytical, problem solving and technical skills. He does a great job managing the managing the relationship between the business owner and IT. Farid will be a great asset for any organization.

by Shawn Arbid, Sr. Talent Acquisition Consultant at Brunswick Corporation

Farid is a thorough Support Analyst who greatly helped refine our needs so improvements to our on-line tool were best-in-class. He offered solutions to enable the business and was instrumental in delivering them as well. Best of all Farid was always professional, a hard worker and a pleasure to work with. Farid is an asset to any company or department. Highly recommended!

by Kathleen Marini, Panduit

Farid has strong analytical and problem solving skills which stand him in good stead on any project. His previous background as a business development manager and then a programmer has given him a unique perspective on web based projects, particularly in terms of analyzing and documenting the business requirements and communicating it back to the programming team.

by Chuck Azar, AT&T



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