Does Your Business Need Social Media?

Because small business owners wear so many hats, many of us become anxious about jumping on board with social media since it requires the one thing we strive to find, time.  And when we do make time, we wonder if the content we place in front of whole world is compelling enough to make a difference.  The last time companies faced such confusing times was during the rise of e-commerce, when the Web was introduced.  

Over the past 10 years, our society has become socially obsessed.  The statistics are astounding and the number of people who use social networks continues to rise exponentially each day.  These people are researching your business before you have a chance to say hello.  According to a study by Business2Community, 90% of customers will research your business online and 88% find online reviews just as trustworthy as personal recommendations.  This means that Facebook is vital, tweets have value, and online reviews matter.

The social conversation between your business and your customers is no longer optional.  Social media gives companies the power to create fans, not just customers; to rally customers, and create new revenue streams.  Those who ignore the growing demand will miss out on the wave of customer relationship building, give competitors a chance to rapidly fill in the gap, and damage your company’s brand with critical comments.  

What can you do?  Aim to make your brand as approachable and human as possible.  Start by looking for employees who can help you with your online marketing strategy and its execution.  If you have limited resources, having an agency involved is very important.  Ideally, some overlap and combination of agency or consultant guidance, employee investment, and some form of internet advertising can help a small business develop a comprehensive social media strategy.    

It’s time to jump onboard the band wagon and implement social media into your business model.  Contact IVO and we’ll help you find which social platforms your customers reside in and how to connect with the right audience on those platforms.





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